CBD and curcumin are great plant-based chemicals which have shown a wide range of positive effects when utilized in the treatment and prevention of some medical conditions. Combining these two wonderful plant chemicals in a single product will increase their level of interaction and positive effects elicited in the body.

The decision to combine curcumin and CBD was triggered by the wonderful results of scientific studies which show that combining CBD with other plant chemicals like curcumin can boost the immune system, and help protect the body. Data gathered from the research also indicates that the combination can increase the antioxidant effects of both chemicals, resulting in more positive effects and results.

What is curcumin?

Curcumin is a chemical compound extracted from plants like ginger and turmeric [1]. It is used as an herbal supplement, food coloring agent, food flavoring agent, and cosmetic ingredient to mention a few. The use of curcumin aids in the management of oxidative and inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndromes, anxiety, and arthritis. It has also played an active role in the control and prevention of exercise-induced inflammation and muscle soreness which results in reduced performance in active people [2].

Why Combine Curcumin with CBD?

Until now, curcumin and cbd have had poor solubility, low gastrointestinal permeability, bioavailability (availability for biological activities), biodistribution (distribution in the body), and metabolism which limits its application as a medicinal compound. Recent scientific advancements have proven to overcome this challenge.  One lab in particular, Pure Xyience Lab, Inc. (PXL), specializes in drug and supplement delivery aimed at providing the highest bioavailability of each active ingredient, especially when they are poorly soluble or with a limited gastrointestinal permeability, such as CBD and Curcumin (Turmeric). They have developed a TRUE WATER-SOLUBLE CBD complex and A TRUE WATER-SOLUBLE Curcumin (Turmeric) complex. This breakthrough development has proven to increase the absorption of essential water insoluble proteins . PXL’s water soluble complexes deliver the highest bioavailability and most efficient absorption of nutrients, medications, and supplements on the market today.

Just like CBD, curcumin offers an anti-inflammatory effect on body cells, and the two can work naturally with your body system to bring about the regulation of your immune system and response to diseases thus reducing the effects of chronic inflammation and other challenges associated with it. Combining CBD and curcumin also offers a wide range of protection since they can act as potent antioxidants and get rid of free radicals.

What are the health benefits of CBD/Curcumin combination?

  1. Improved antioxidant effects

CBD and curcumin can act as great antioxidants which neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals in body cells. The accumulation of these free radicals can lead to reduced muscular activity and chronic pains in the joints. The increased level of antioxidant effect can also elicit great potentials in heavy metal detoxification, prevention of cancer and delaying the signs of aging. Curcumin and CBD can attenuate the effects of exercise-induced and other forms of oxidative stress on the body thereby increasing muscular alertness and activity.

  1. Reduce the levels of inflammation and diseases associated with it

Inflammations could lead to a wide range of health conditions such as chronic pains in the muscles and joints. Combination of curcumin and CBD can elicit a broader range of anti-inflammatory effects by boosting the production of immune cells and increasing muscular health and overall body metabolism.

  1. Mood boosters

The use of CBD and its interaction with the ECS can trigger the production of feel-good hormones and also increase the levels of endocannabinoids such as anandamide which functions in triggering rest and improves sleep. CBD/curcumin combination can increase the level of hormone release thus improving the sleep and relaxation.

  1. Reduce the level of anxiety

Curcumin and CBD combination can increase brain function, boost physical stamina and also play an active role in affecting appetite. Anxiety and depression is the world’s leading cause of suicide, and the available prescriptions tend to be associated with a lot of side effects. The use of CBD and curcumin combination is associated with little or no fatal side effect thus making it the best alternative for over-the-counter prescription drugs for anxiety and depression.

  1. Improves memory and higher thinking

Combination of curcumin and CBD can improve memory and higher thinking since they play active roles in the interaction with the ECS which is directly involved in cognitive responses.

  1. Reduction of acne and other skin diseases

Skin diseases such as acne affects not less than 9% of the entire world population. It is caused by a number of factors such as inflammation, bacteria and genetics. The utilization of this combination may be used to treat acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties. In one of the tests, it was discovered that CBD and curcumin combination can prevent the skin gland cells from secreting excessive inflammatory actions thus preventing the production of acne and other skin diseases.

Bottom line

Breakthroughs in water solubility have paved the way in the development of better, more efficient CBD products.

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