Sleep Tincture

Our SLEEP tincture contains a highly effective blend of CBD and Curcumin, melatonin, GABA and 5-HTP. These help regulate a natural sleep pattern as well as ease anxiety symptoms such as daytime fatigue, drowsiness, insomnia and restlessness.



560MG Hemp/Curcumin Isolates

The Nature’s Source CBD sleep tincture is without a doubt an extremely effective all natural blend. This water soluble formula is very clean, pure, and more bioavailable than any Hemp oil product on the market. You can take this product under your tongue, add it to your water, or any other drink about 20 minutes before bedtime. Our sleep tincture will help you get to sleep sooner and also help you get a deeper sleep leaving you more rested and ready for the upcoming day. Since its water soluble it will easily dissolve and enter your system faster and absorb more effectively. This product also avoids the heavy feeling and large amounts of calories and fat that oil based products contain. Our sleep tincture contains ZERO calories and ZERO grams of fat.


Hemp/Curcumin 560mg Isolates – 560mg
(Pure water 99% + Pure Hemp/Curcumin Isolate)
30mg Melatonin – 1mg
5-HTP – 3.33mg
GABA – 3.33mg


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